March 23, 2016

Mining Exploration

Mining is a benificial but risky business. To minimize the risks, it is crucial to know and understand the geological condition within target area. So, mining exploration must be conducted before making a decision to the to-be-mined area. This activities are very important because the presence of mining materials are unevenly distributed. Therefore, we need to determine the exact location, distribution, quality, reserve amount, and mining method. All of this determination need a proper investigation to reducing the risk of failure, material losses, energy and capital wasting, and environmental damage.


Rokatera has been involved in many projects, which began in exploration phase. We are experienced in coal, gold, and other minerals exploration. Our services in mining exploration phases, including:

  1. Geological survey and mapping
  2. Exploration drilling
  3. Trenching and test pit
  4. Material sampling and analysis

All data that came from exploration phase will be analysed and used in next phase. Good exploration data will facilitate the determination in decision-making stage.