March 23, 2016


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Founded in 2013 , we are a fast – growing consulting firm, initiated and led by competent individuals who have long experinces in each of their own specific fields, backed up with fast-learning yount energetic subordinates who considered wvery project as a new interesting work to be accomplished enthusiastically.

Rokatera is directed by Mr. Iwan Prasetya , an expert in mining exploration, geotechnical, and mining engineering whose experiences surpasses 30 years. The company is also supported by several experienced young engineers and technicians that complete the team.

Rokatera produces services in such a way that any suggestions and recommendations provided will always be for the benefit of the clients…

Rokatera produces services  in such a way that any suggestions and recommendations provided will always be for the benefit of the clients. We will assure a long “win and win” business relation and accommodate every client’s “challenging demand” by seeking any intelligent solution obtained from long experienced competent persons who lead fast learning youngsters to support the team.

Our service has a line up of experienced specialist provide unique and practical comprehensive service in each area, including geological exploration, geotechnical, mining restructuring; and implementing, operating, supervision, and maintaining consultancy systems. We solved the challenges faced by our clients with seamless and end-to-end services.

Client Centric , We are proud of always thinking in terms of what is the best for our client; offering solutions that are not only theoretical but workable.

Professional Excellence, We are service of superb quality based on our accumulated, extensive, and profound knowledge and experience

Power of Diversity, We share a corporate culture of mutually respecting individual abilities, and in run helping one another to grow. Our growth is our client growth.

Collaboration and Collegiality, We have brought together all rokatera consulting individual abilities into our corporate power. In working as a team that includes our client, we also share a common goal with our clients and take full advantage of each other wisdom and experience.

Global Orientation, We know how to proceed with our business, absorbing all best practices in the world as our own while respecting the locally prevailing value systems.