March 24, 2016

All Dredge Holland

Alldredge Holland

ALL DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging) was established in 2003 as the Dutch Consultant to provide Services like consultancy and project management in the fields of ports and the Dredging Industry.

The know-how is based on more than 40 years of national and international exprerience in the dredging industry, dredge management, technology, hydraulic engineering and design and construction of dredge equipment.

ALL DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging) uses all its experience and know-how to provide the assistance required in all phases of the dredging project, Capital and Maintenance Dredging,  Inland and Urban Waterways Dredging and as the Consultant and Client’s Principle Representative, monitoring and supervising the contractor during the execution of the Dredging and Port Construction works, specifically in terms of Quality and Quantity Control and compliance with the Main Construction Contract.

Rokatera partnered with ALL DREDGE HOLLAND (Consulting Engineers Ports and Dredging) in term of dredging equipment and service provision.


Address in The Netherlands:ScreenShot008 (Copy)
Vlierlaan 102
4907 AE Oosterhout
The Netherlands
+31 162471455/+31 653415325

Representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia,
Puri Nirwana 1
Blok B/ Nr 37, RT 14
Cibinong – Cikaret 16910

Kab, Bogor, West Java
+62 81375414342